Prunus acquiert l'activité consommables de soins intensifs de Biosensors.

Date:2021-01-08 Article Source:普博

Win-Win acquisitions
Recently, Shenzhen Prunus Technology Co., Ltd. formally acquired the critical care products division of Biosensors International Group, Ltd, officially entering the field of critical care consumables business. The acquired subsidiary's products include central venous catheters, pressure transducers, pulmonary artery catheters, pacing catheters, thrombolysis catheters, urinary catheters and other medical consumables.
Continued presence in the field of acute and critical care
Central venous catheter (CVC) is an intravascular tube placed in large veins to complete the routine use of critical patients and major surgery patients, etc. Central venous catheter placement has emerged since the 1940s and is now widely used in anesthesiology for critical patients, major surgery patients, as well as emergency departments and general surgery. 
CVC international brands include Braun, BD, Biometix, Arrow, Biosensors, etc. Among them, Biosensors’ CVC products have the characteristics of soft catheter tip design, biocompatible polyurethane material, convenient catheter structure, special design flexible guidewire, simple package composite package for clinical freedom of choice, etc. The critical care consumables business of Biosensors is well known in critical care consumables and has a broad market prospect. 
Founded in 2007, Prunus is a high-tech enterprise focusing on product design, R&D, production and sales of medical devices in the critical care field. The acquisition of the two sides complement each other's advantages, which can accelerate the layout of the trinity of "high-end medical hardware equipment + data intelligence platform + consumables" and realize the ecological closure in the field of acute and critical care, as well as help both sides to overlap and promote each other's channel resources and further develop the market.