Global fight against with epidemic, Prunus is in action together with WHO.


On January 29th, 75 units of Boaray 5000D ventilators are dispatched to Mongolia to help fight the epidemic. Prunus has maintained close contact with major health institutions around the world. During the epidemic, Prunus has dispatched nearly 1,000 ventilators to dozens of overseas countries through World Health Organization.
Reliable, rigorous and professional
As a global international organization, WHO has extremely strict criteria for purchasing ventilators, from selecting new suppliers, customizing special requirements, to shipping inspection, etc., all have strict procurement and verification standards. With the spirit of rigor, professionalism and innovation, Prunus continues to improve the quality of products and optimize the quality system, finally providing reliable products and winning the favor of a number of international first-tier health organizations.
We hope that under the leadership of WHO and other international health organizations, and with the joint efforts of all medical institutions and the general public, humanity will finally overcome the epidemic and welcome a better future.