Noticias de Empresa

Global fight against with epidemic, Prunus is in action together with WHO.
On January 29th, 75 units of Boaray 5000D ventilators are dispatched to Mongolia to help fight the epidemic. Prunus has maintained close contact with major health institutions around the world. During the epidemic, Prunus has dispatched nearly 1,000 ventilators to dozens of overseas countries through World Health Organization.
03-29 2021
On March 27th, the 2021 Prunus "Bloom" Award Ceremony was successfully concluded in Caesar Palace, Window of the World, Shenzhen under the witness of 550 guests and employees.
01-08 2021
Recently, Shenzhen Prunus Technology Co., Ltd. formally acquired the critical care products division of Biosensors International Group, Ltd, officially entering the field of critical care consumables business. The acquired subsidiary's products include central venous catheters, pressure transducers, pulmonary artery catheters, pacing catheters, thrombolysis catheters, urinary catheters and other medical consumables.
11-30 2020
On January 07, 2021, the international sales and marketing team and the R&D team held their second friendly soccer match of the year. We will compete together on the soccer field and win together under the soccer field, and strive for a better tomorrow!

Actividad de Mercadería

The 3rd World Health Expo, future is within reach
Early on April 8, the 3rd World Health Expo is opened in Wuhan. More than 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises with advanced products and equipment, debut the exhibition.
Prunus back to CMEF 2020 in Shanghai once again with its entire solutions, which makes it more meaningful since CMEF 2020 is the first international medical equipment fair that is successfully held after the COVID-19 outbreak. Many abroad are amazed at the exhibitions held in Shanghai this year.
The 81st CMEF was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on May 14-17, 2019

Ciencia de Producto

06-13 2020
The year 1915 was marked as the beginning of the development of modern ventilator. At that time, Dr. Mol-gaard, Lund in Copenhagen and the surgeon Giertz in Stockholm began to work on ventilators...